Good Reasons to Choose Exotic Expeditions

Are you on the lookout for an exotic idea to spend your holidays? Are you a travel bug? Interested in knowing about great, adventurous expeditions in unexplored lands? Well, this piece gives you a basic insight about such journeys that are meant to thrill you through adrenaline rush!

Even though adventures are not everyone’s choice, yet they have their own uniqueness and special value as they not only entertain your adventurous spirit but also bring out the bolder person in you.

Most of these tours are planned for a fortnight so that you can take your time experiencing the thrill and joy associated with the places you visit. The noteworthy point here is that many destinations included in these trips boast of a glorious past and hence are of great historic value.

Strikingly, there are separate schedules for cruises that are pure fun and excitement. You will never feel that you are in a foreign destination; such is the high level of hospitality exhibited by the tour operators, travel agents, hotel staff and other people you meet.

The other notable features of these journeys are

• Delicious food gourmets,
• Top-notch accommodation facilities in the leading hotels,
• Well-planned schedules including ticket bookings for flights
• Reservations for car rentals
• Professionally trained guides that speak good English
• Appointment of a team leader to handle your needs
• Competitive rates starting from around $ 2,000

The highlights or the attractions that are covered through these tours are:

• The Great Wall
• Summer Palace
• Big Wild Goose Pagoda
• Kungfu Show
• Forbidden City
• Beijing National Stadium and Aquatics Center
• Tiger Leaping Gorge
• Nanjing Road
• Chonngqing Panda Zoo
• Master of the Nets Garden

These are just some of the tourist attractions that you must see to savor the thrill, joy and excitement of these expeditions in their fullness.

You will not be able to help yourself from praising the exotic nature of all of the ingredients of these cruises. Every day is filled with new experiences. There’s so much variety and freshness offered in these lands that you will certainly want to revisit them again.

Right from the architecture of the buildings to the food served and music played, there’s a touch of individuality and exoticism that you can never miss to notice.

Moreover, value-added services are offered to honor you, such as free internet, free parking and breakfast. So, right from the day you arrive there till you board the return flight to fly back home, you are sure to enjoy every moment spent in the course of your just-concluded expedition of a great land in a grand manner!

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