Manali Tour Package Offers Calm and Adventurous Experience

Do you desire a soothing holiday or are you longing for an adventurous trip for a long time? Whatever your choice is, you should simply plan a Manali tour package. Manali is a scintillating abode of mountains where you will have an experience of your lifetime. We offers you an ultimate experience whether you desire a calm trip or an out an adventurous expedition.

Manali is an abode of serenity and reenergizes your soul. It gives you an ultimate soothing experience. You can let your hair down and be in the lap of nature. Manali is one such place where you just forget the world and come closer to your inner self. Most of the tour packages have a fixed itinerary and rush you from one place to another. On the other hand the Manali tour package gives you the flexibility to explore the picturesque beauty at your own pace. That means, you can just sit over a hill top and keep looking at the natural beauty of Manali for hours and hours. The walk amidst the hills is equally captivating. Walk along the Mall road hand in hand with your loved ones and bond with them all over again. The Manali tour Package serves you an opportunity to spend quality time with your close ones and make up for the lost time due to city rush. The Manali tour package is a perfect respite from your fast paced city life. It just takes you to another planet. You will truly love the charm of Manali.

Manali offers a trek to remember

If you are an adventure enthusiast then the Manali tour package is the just the thing for you. Manali is simply amazing for trekking and biking. Just set your adventure gear and begin your excursion to the unexplored mountains. You can become exuberant like kids and race with your friends to climb up the mountains. So just jump, run, fall and then get up and start again. Every fall and bruise is going to be worth it when you reach the top. It is like a feeling of accomplishment. The Manali tour package also offers you opportunity of biking in the rugged terrain of Manali. There are special camps at Manali where you get equipment for sports activities. You can take a plunge and enjoy Skiing and paragliding at the Solang Nullah valley. It is very famous for such thrilling activities. The most exquisite feature of the Manali tour package is the service and guidance at every step of your journey. The Manali tour package offers you assistance even at the remote places. You get an experienced local tourist guide for a safe journey. So just leave worrying about security things and get pleasure from the trekking and adventurous activities at Manali.

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Adventure Holiday in Jamaica

If you are into active adventure sports, then you must take a trip to Jamaica. One holiday trip in Jamaica and you are guaranteed to return time and again. This beautiful island, boasting a number of natural attractions, offers the ultimate in thrill and excitement. From challenging biking tour on the mountains to diving into the depths of the sea, Jamaica offers a plethora of interesting activities and experiences.

An ideal adventure itinerary would include a visit to the various beaches followed by some diving and snorkeling tours and finally winding it up with a trek or a cycle tour through the countryside.

The fresh and invigorating air coupled with beautiful vistas and scenery form a perfect backdrop for some great adventurous activities. You can start your adventure expedition with a bike ride through the challenging terrain of the majestic Blue Mountains.

There are a number of professional cycle tour operators that offer full day mountain bike excursions. These companies take you on a joy ride through the lush tropical woodlands and usually at the end of the tour, you can take a dip in a waterfall. These tours promise you fun, frolic and excitement.

The region of Ocho Rios is also home to the famous Dunn’s River Falls. This magnificent 600-ft waterfall cascades downwards and then bounces over the stony steps to finally join the waters of the blue sea. Here you can climb up the little stony steps to enjoy the gushing cascades or even swim in the little whirlpools.

Diving enthusiasts have much to look forward to since there are a couple of popular diving sites around Jamaica. The region of Ocho Rios has three important sites including Wreck of the Katryn, Top of the Mountain and Jack’s Hall.

Dive 60-foot under at the Top of the Mountain diving site to view a variety of corals and gorgonians while a 140-foot former minesweeper can be viewed at the Wreck of the Katryn. If you would like to explore one of the sunken ships, you can visit the diving site of Park Royal, situated conveniently near the airport.

You can roundup your adventurous journey with a bamboo-rafting trip on the Rio Grande River in the Port Antonio Area. You can make your visit all the more memorable by staying at the upscale and luxurious vacation rental community of Silver Sands.

Silver Sands offers a range of accommodation in Jamaica that are designed to suit travelers of all kinds. So if you are on an adventure sojourn in Jamaica, add that extra bit of excitement by staying in a vacation villa that is very like your home in terms of comfort and yet very different in that it allows you to experience a new way of life altogether

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India Adventure Tours

India is a land of plenty when it comes to adventure tourism destinations. You can take an India adventure tour to catch glimpses of the wildlife of India, or you can also embark upon trekking expeditions, across various trails in the Himalayas. There is something for everyone here, right from biking tours to camel safaris and from tours to glaciers to water adventures. There are quite a large number of travel and tours operators who can organize the best of adventure tours for tourists. Adventure tourism in India has been on the rise and one can get the best of facilities and amenities on such tours.

Trekking in India

India is home to some of the best Trekking trails in the World. If you want to catch an eyeful of some panoramic views, and breathtaking landscapes, then you simply must choose from the various trekking expeditions that are available for tourists all year round. Trekking in India is usually a summer activity and some of the more famous trekking areas lie in Darjeeling, Sikkim, Garhwal, Kumaon and the Himalayas.

Some of the popular Himalayan treks are Roop Kund Trek, Pin Parvati Trek, Markha Valley Trek, and Hemis Darcha Trek.

Camping in Himalayas

If you want to be amongst nature, then you also have the choice to go camping. Camping tours will take you to all corners of India, and you can either camp amongst the desert sand dunes in Rajasthan or in some of the loveliest meadows that you will ever see, in the Himalayan foothills.

Special camps are also an option that, tourists can explore. These camps are set up in the lap of nature and campers also have the option of participating in the various camping activities organized specially for them. Camping in India, is fun, provides a lot of excitement, and is quite popular.

Glaciers Tours India

Glacier tours forms an integral component of the whole scenario of Adventure tours in India. One such famous glacier that tourist can visit is the Gaumukh Glacier that is located at a height of 3200 mts in the Garhwal Himalayas. Another popular tour to a glacier is the trip to the Milam glacier. There are many more options to choose from and all of them have a stunning visual appeal.

Safaris in India

If you want a bit of fun, while sighting the famous wildlife of India, then you can embark on Safari tours, India. You can either go on a Jeep Safari, Elephant Safari, or a Camel Safari. Like camping, a safari also gives you an opportunity to become one with nature. There is a whole lot of scope for such activities in India.

An adventure expedition in India is the stuff that dreams are made of and ‘Trekking India’ helps turn those dreams into reality.

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