What to Expect With Gap Year Expeditions

Higher education is a great way to further yourself before you set off on your chosen career path. Many people consider gap years between their college or university courses in order to gain valuable life experience before stepping out into reality and facing the world of work. Many choose to take on gap year expeditions which can involve travelling anywhere across the world, taking part in community conservation projects or simply taking part in a trekking expedition or an exploration of a region. It wholly depends upon your personal interests, whether it be experiencing a foreign country, climbing mountains and reaching summits or volunteering in a third world country – the opportunities of a gap year expedition are endless.

A vast number are keen to take on some volunteer work as part of their Gap Year expedition. The regions in which you can join and take part in projects are wide ranging and varied. From North and South America, Africa, Asia and even parts of Europe, the choice is completely yours and any trustworthy, reliable gap year expeditions company will endeavour to help you plan and devise an itinerary for your trip. You could find yourself helping to improve local facilities like building playgrounds and assisting in construction work or even simply helping local populaces with the building of houses and improving local amenities. Many find such expeditions very worthwhile given the life experience you will gain along with confidence and other attributes like leadership and social skills.

Others may be interested in the more physically enduring side of adventure expeditions like trekking and climbing. Some trekking companies offer trips to countries like Iceland for trekking expeditions which last around 4 days and take you across the famous Hot Springs found in the region. Other trips can involve treks through the Amazon Rainforest and other exotic locations. You can get involved as an individual but it’s definitely worth getting a group together if you are serious about taking on gap year expeditions. This ensures ultimate safety in numbers and also allows you to build strong relationships and work as a team to complete projects. Gap year expeditions really are a great experience for anybody considering a gap year who might want to utilise their time to further themselves and gain great memories in the process. Definitely seek an expedition company first off, who specialise in adventure expeditions as they will give you the best advice and will already have pre-planned expeditions which you may be able to get involved with.

World Challenge are a premier independent trekking company offering Gap Year Expedition

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Adventure Expedition Ahead With Dirt Quads

Quads are also referred as ATVs or four-wheeled motorbikes with either manual or totally automatic transmission. They are controlled through a set of handlebars as in any other motorbike and engine capacity ranges from 50 to 700cc. They are mainly designed for daring souls. Indeed rough terrain will be a treat to your driving skills and offers you the opportunity to fully exploit the adventurous ride on muddy and uneven paths. Imagine driving deep into the heart of the forest, up and down hills or across fields on your beloved four wheeled machine. After all, Dirt Quads are all about enjoying the thrill of riding in some of the most daring and adventurous paths.

To enjoy the fun and joy of riding dirt quads you should be aware of all the rules, regulations and
procedures. Ensure that you have all the essential equipment and accessories to make your ride fun and thrilling.

They are one of the most enjoyable and easy to ride types of motorbike and ideal for people of all ages and abilities especially for young riders and off road riding as they are quite stable. Often parents gift dirt quads to their kids. The four-wheeled design ensures perfect balance and enables young riders to handle them easily. Well my young friends and their parents all praise quads, as no hand clutch makes riding easier and enable them to focus on the trail instead of shifting gears. Moreover they also have electric ignition rather than difficult kick starters.

At last, quad bikes are built for off-road use especially on rough terrain but it does not mean they need no maintenance. Check the tightness of all nuts and bolts on a regular basis to avoid the chances of having an accident.

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Adventure Expeditions

Adventure Expeditions are a great alternative to a standard holiday. Why waste your precious time off lazing around on a sub-par beach in Majorca, surrounded by sun burnt Brits when you could be off on an exciting and life changing adventure? In this article, I will outline some fantastic alternatives to your usual 2 weeks in the sun.

Everest Base Camp Expedition

Located in Nepal, a country landlocked between India and Tibet, Mount Everest has been a trekkers dream for years. Mount Everest was First Ascended by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay in May of 1953, however, since this time advances in equipment and local knowledge have made the trek to Everest Base Camp achievable for many. Do not underestimate the effort it takes though. Only those who are physically fit in body and mind will be able to conquer this adventure expedition.

To undertake the Everest Base Camp Expedition, you will need at least two weeks to spare. 4, however is preferable.

Iceland Expedition
Closer to home than Nepal and as such requiring slightly less time is the Iceland Expedition.

Iceland really is a country of beauty, it boasts some of the most spectacular scenery to be found anywhere in the world, from volcanoes to glaciers and craters to mountains. The country also features one of the most popular trekking trails in the world: the Hot Spring Road.

Other highlights on an adventure expedition to Iceland include whale & dolphin watching and the hot springs that the country is famous for.

India Himalaya Expedition

The highest mountain range in the world, the Indian Himalayas are home to peaks higher than anywhere else on the planet, they feature some of the best trekking opportunities to be found anywhere in the world.

An expedition such as this, however, requires a good level of physical fitness and you must be expecting an active and rewarding adventure.

An adventure expedition to the Indian Himalayas requires around 4 weeks to get the most out it.

These are just some of the hundreds of different adventure expeditions you may want to look into as a change to your standard an

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